Should I Avoid Being Home While My House Is Shown? – We don’t recommend you to be home while your house is being shown, and this is for a couple reasons.


The main reason is that it can make the prospective buyer feel uncomfortable. If the Buyer has any concerns about the home, they will often avoid bringing it up to their realtor, as they don’t want to offend or upset you. This isn’t a great scenario only because oftentimes realtors are able to address and/or solve the Buyers concern(s) about the home while at their showing. However, if they are never brought up because you are home, the Buyer may overlook the home due to a potentially fixable concern.

Along with this, sometimes when the Seller is home the Buyer will feel as if they are invading their privacy and rush through the showing. You don’t want this, as the longer they spend in your home the more they envision living in it.

In conclusion, we recommend that you avoid being home while your house is shown. However, showing times can always be tailored to fit your busy life and schedule as a Seller to avoid this as an issue.

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