Welcome to 2023!

It always gives us such pleasure to reflect on the challenges and highlights of the past year, but more and more we find ourselves unable to believe that it is once again that time of year! We say cautiously that it’s been some time since our world was turned upside down by COVID, and we’re happy to report that we welcome the New Year with the optimism gained from knowing just how much we have to be grateful for. We enter 2023 filled with gratitude for family, friends, our animals, the grandchildren, the world and cultures we are so lucky to explore, good food, and good company.

2022 was another great year for us, both professionally and in our personal lives. We finished the year in the top 2% of Realtor’s nationwide, 5th in our company, and were recipients of The Executive Circle Award. The industry remains incredibly competitive and it is our combined 35 years of experience that allows us to get our clients in the door of a home or packed up on a new adventure. We remain proud of what we’ve done together as a team, and look forward to many more years of teamwork.

As we continue to find ourselves waiting to break free of the hold COVID has on our economy and personal lives, we continue to look for balance in our professional and personal lives; the importance of prioritizing health has been a through line for us this year. Travel is beginning once again to feature prominently in our lives – Antony and I just love exploring the globe with old friends and making new friends along the way. We spent a lot of time visiting with family in the UK and spent some time exploring a new country – Greece this past October. The food was exceptional and the people, food and culture were excellent. We again spent some time this summer at the cottage in Quebec and the downtime always reinvigorates us. It’s so nice to unplug, reconnect with our oldest friends and family, and spend time in a place so close to our hearts. Having all the grand kids splashing in the lake is among our favourite memories that we will cherish forever. It is with a heavy heart that we decided to sell the cottage this year and pass it on to another family who will make cherished memories for themselves.

Antony continues to take mind-blowing and absolutely out of this world photographs of the stars and planets, and my two COVID hobbies – the Peloton and making amazing Sourdough bread. Our home was once again featured on the Guelph Horticultural Garden Tour and I just love sharing my gardens with friends who share a similar and passionate interest. Adam continues to work hard and progress professionally in a very competitive trade and we are proud of his dedication and hard work. He recently purchased a wonderful home for himself and his cat Toasty, what a great buy for him to settle into his future. Jessie remains busy with Air Canada and still loves flying the slightly-less-friendly skies and the travel perks that come with the job. Their first trip post COVID came in the Spring with almost three weeks eating around Italy.

If you can believe it, our first grandchild, Henley, turned 11 this year, and they celebrated her birthday with a trip to London and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Julie and Jeffrey made a trip out West to visit Jessie and her family on Vancouver Island, introducing Leo and Penny to the ocean and giving them a taste of life on the West coast and their first plane ride! Leo celebrated his 3rd birthday this summer and Penelope her 1st in the fall, it’s hard to believe how fast time flys by! Our 3 year old yellow Lab puppy, Clive, has grown into a lovable lap dog. He keeps us on our toes with the typical lab predilection for eating things that will most certainly get stuck in some intestine or another, but he is faithful and kind and we love him.

We are so thankful to our clients for their trust in this competitive and fast paced market, and we are grateful to you for making this career so rewarding and enjoyable. As always, we take great pride in finding you a home in the City that we love. Guelph continues to grow, but it remains the little town with the big heart. We are fortunate to count many of our clients as close friends and I doubt there will ever come a time where a stroll downtown does not lead to a chance encounter with friends or an impromptu lunch, ice cream, or movie. We love this town and the people in it. We have so much to be thankful for, and we hope the next year brings with it much health and time with family and friends. We’re always available if you have questions regarding anything at all. You can reach Jeffrey at 519-400-5933 or Cathy at 519 546-2243.