Statistics show that properties that are properly staged are more likely to sell quicker & for a better price! Here are 5 quick tips to successfully stage your home for selling:

1. Increase horizontal surface space

You can do this by keeping desks, countertops, coffee tables, end tables as free as possible. This gives the impression that there’s lots of space available.

2. Avoid daring paint choices

If you decide to paint to give the space a fresh start, stick to neutral colours. This will also make the room feel bigger!

3. Depersonalize

To allow your potential buyers to see themselves living in this home, remove more personal items such as family photos, keepsakes & refrigerator art!

4. Bring your space to life with some greenery

Fresh flowers or plants placed strategically throughout a couple of rooms can have an inviting impact.

5. Curb appeal

This is a common one that often tends to be forgotten, but is a huge component in the first impression of a home. This can be as updating your gardens with fresh plants, adding planters on your porch, washing your windows, and landscaping bushes.