The real estate has already started to heat up and in anticipation of the increase in properties hitting the market, it’s important to make sure you are prepared to be sure you don’t miss out on opportunities! Here are some suggestions we have for you to have in order ASAP so when your perfect opportunity arises you are equipped to take action.



Contacting your mortgage broker or bank for a pre-approval is a necessary first step in getting ready to purchase a home. If you already have a pre-approval, we would recommend touching base to make sure nothing has changed. This is an important step to ensure that you are looking at homes that suit your financial situation.


Desired Closing Date

Whether you currently have a home you need to sell, are renting, or living at home, it’s a good idea to refresh your knowledge of your lease regarding how much notice you are obligated to give. If you need to sell your current home it’s important to keep that in mind when signing sale agreements to ensure they line up. Knowing this information will be important for making offers for the closing date aspect.


Preferred Neighbourhood

Familiarizing yourself with different areas in the city you are looking to purchase in is a crucial step in making sure you are happy when you do move into your new home. Knowing the amenities such as schools, bus routes, grocery stores, etc., and how the location suits your life will help you make educated decisions.


A List of Non-Negotiables 

When shopping for a home we believe it’s just as important to have an open mind as it is to have some non-negotiables. These are things that you feel so strongly about the house having or not having. Examples of these would be a house not having a pool for safety reasons or a home needing a garage for storage or your vehicle. Most of these things are not easily changed and will impact your consideration of a property.