1. Repair and Replace

A great starting point when you begin to prepare your house for the market is a “To-do List”. This is a list of projects or items that need to be fixed or replaced before hitting the market. It is best to get these projects underway as early as possible so you don’t feel stressed or rushed, and an accurate value can be put on your home depending on the scale of repair or replacement that needs to be done.


  1. Declutter

First impression is everything! Imagine never having walked into your home and how you would want it to look, this is a beneficial mindset to have toward the decluttering process. We can become “blind” to any piles of paper or untidy areas, but new buyers would see the clutter. Decluttering makes your home look larger and more well-kept to potential buyers along with allowing them to use to imagination to see their own items in the home.


  1. Understanding of the Current Market

We have all seen the market change rapidly over the last year, so it is important before putting your house up for sale that you understand the value of homes in your neighbourhood. Getting trusted information and comparable properties is key to setting a proper price on your home. This knowledge will lead to what is giving and/or taking away value to homes in your neighbourhood . This will help set realistic price points and in turn, set realistic expectations helping you budget accordingly for your future purchase.


  1. Market Strategy

Making a plan is an extremely important part of having a stress-free sale from start to finish. There are so many moving parts when it comes to selling and planning and thinking about what might come up will save a lot of time and worry. Some situations that you will want to consider are, where will your pets go during showings, what will you do during evenings/weekends with showings, and who will be responsible for making sure the house stays showing-ready from day to day.


No need to do of this all on your own. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help!